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In January 2022, we welcomed Cleo, our Working Cocker Spaniel into our home.

It didn't take long for us to discover her love for mud, water, and anything else smelly for that matter.

Cleo's first collar was made from a lovely light blue fabric. Whilst it suited her coat... it certainly did not suit her lifestyle.

That's how we discovered BioThane®,  a durable, waterproof, easily clean material. 


Us being us, we decided to make Cleo a dog collar made from BioThane®. Then we made them for Cleo's friends and they liked them as much as we did.


That's when we created Hounds of Hampshire. A small UK business, where we could share our handmade products with anyone else who has a pup that likes the muck as much as Cleo.

Brook & Ben

Hounds of Hampshire

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